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      The development of ASIO2KS would have not been possible without the help, suggestions and support I received from other people:

      Sonja Erichsen
      The single biggest influence in creating this software was Sonja. Without her my old addiction to electronic music and keyboard-playing would have probably never been renewed. Music theory and piano-playing has never been as enjoyful as with you :) Also thanks for putting up with all my hours on the computer at work & at home.

      Sascha Boeddinghaus
      Sascha is a very good friend. I really enjoy our discussions which - after a bottle of red wine - often wind up to be quite philosophic. I hope we get down to do some "jam-sessions" with your base-guitar and my keyboard in the future - but I guess Sonja still needs to teach me some more before we can both enjoy this ;)

      Danilo Kempf
      In addition to being a code-wizard and linux-administration-guru, Danilo is just asthonishing when it comes to HTML, PHP and building graphics using Fireworx. Many thanks to you for creating the ASIO2KS-logo and the webpage-layout. Without you this page would probably look absolutely ugly.

      Michael Friedl
      Together with Danilo he forms the coding-dreamteam. His insights into object-oriented programming go far deeper than my mind seems to grasp ;) So thanks for all the good suggestions, comments and advice I received from you.

      Many others
      There are numerous other people on netnews, the wdm-mailing-list, from Microsoft developer support, Steinberg, Emagic, Native Instruments and of course many beta-testers that answered my numerous questions concerning WDM-kernel-streaming, MFCs etc. and gave me invaluable feedback during testing. I cannot list all here. Thanks to all of you!

      Copyright © 2002-2018 by Tobias Erichsen.